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Vietnam - Finland International School

A dynamic and creative learning community



Strong, active and energetic spirit



Successful adaptation and management in life



Integration for development



A Finnish word for resilience and perseverance for the better

Unique programme of studies

The unique curriculum has been validated by the Finnish National Agency

The unique curriculum has been validated by the Finnish National Agency for Education as well as the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training.

The validation affirms their prestige and seriousness in building VFIS

In addition, The Finnish National Agency For Education also recognizes that the vision, mission, values, teaching staff and governance model are consistent with the compulsory criteria of Finnish schools.

VFIS is proud to be an IB World School

VFIS became an IB World School in 2021, authorised by the International Baccalaureate Organisation to offer the IB Diploma Programme. We are excited to be the first Finnish IB school in Asia. IB World Schools share a common philosophy a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education-that we believe will encourage our students to lead rewarding personal and professional lives.

Message from Acting Head of School

Our mission is to empower students to be caring and balanced members of our society, enabling them to lead rewarding personal and professional lives.  VFIS students will gain the necessary skills & competencies, character qualities and an international mindset to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing world. This mission and values are the core of who we are, and they drive all our strategic decisions. 
VFIS strives for excellence in all aspects of learning and student performance, with a wide range of hands-on subjects like arts, music, crafts, physical education and even home economics. As well as nurturing our students’ talents, these subjects also promote both creativity and well-being. At VFIS, we encourage students to be inquisitive, creative, and collaborative and to solve problems actively.
Ms. Miekk-Oja Suvi Kristiina
Acting Head of School


The first Finnish international school

VFIS is the first Finnish international school in Southeast Asia, respecting the highest standards of Finnish education.

The not-for-profit international school

VFIS is also the first not-for-profit international school belonging to a public autonomous university in Vietnam, TDTU

The happy educational philosophy

VFIS balances academic achievement with student well-being, focusing on forging spirit, perseverance, cooperation and development

Future-oriented learning programme

VFIS has a future-oriented learning programme, built on the essence of Finnish education and Vietnam’s good basic values

Facilities with educational goals

VFIS has distinguished facilities designed by experienced Finnish architects with educational goals to maximise the quality of education.

Pedagogy based on scientific research

VFIS applies a pedagogy based on scientific research, which is a prominent feature of teaching, learning and other activities.

Experts and educational professionals

VFIS recruits educational professionals with the teaching capacity based on Finnish standards and full autonomy in choosing teaching methods

Sustainable human development

VFIS aims for sustainable human development, where every student is taught to achieve academic success as they grow into global citizens.

School Highlights

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October 02, 2023
Time: 8:30
Venue: Mainhall
September 29, 2023
Time: 14:00
Venue: Mainhall
September 02, 2023
Time: From 2nd - 9th December, 2023
Venue: Vietnam-Finland International School

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