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Our Facilities


The construction of VFIS school buildings was designed and supervised by Finnish architects reflecting the philosophy of Finnish education and learning approach. The campus has a basement, a ground floor and 3 storeys with a total construction area over 50,000m2 on a 5-hectare site within TDTU’s main headquarter. At the same time, it enables VFIS pupils to learn independently and collaboratively, think, plan and explore in a supportive and inspiring school community.

Open learning space

VFIS architecture design is inspires by the Turtle shape that has strong mythical cretures in Vietnamese culture. There are 10 buildings inside that are closely linked together for Elementary, Secondary as well as international and bilingual pupils. Classrooms, canteens, playgrounds and restrooms are always kept clean and disinfected according to international standards and procedures with clean air systems in each class. 

Flexible classrooms

The classrooms are flexibly designed with multi-funtional spaces, fully equipped with teaching and learning aids, allowing pupils to easily interact with each other and teachers to easily and flexibly change their class arrangement to best serve their teaching activities.

Modern Practice Room

In Finnish educational programme, science and technology, craft and arts, home economics are key subjects to be delivered in laboratories and special rooms with modern equipments.

Inspirational library

A modern library is designed with many creative learning spaces to inspire pupils’ learning and enhance their concentration. With diverse and rich information resources corresponding to every subject and many supportive services, VFIS library increasingly meets everyone’s needs of access to different types of resources. 

Outdoor open space

The school is equipped with modern indoor and outdoor facilities includes gym, multi-purpose gym, swimming pool, mini football field, playgrounds and botanical graden. All areas are designed to meet international standards in terms of safety. The space is flexible enough for pupils’ imagination to flourish and their senses and motor skills and to develop through learning by doing and playing.