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Our Students

Pupil Welfare

The heart of Finnish education is pupil welfare, which is adopted at VFIS, too. The main purpose of pupil welfare services in VFIS is to promote and maintain the pupils’ good learning, good mental and physical health as well as social well-being and activities. Services for pupil welfare are provided by school nurses, school psychologists and school counselors, special education teacher and multi-professional pupil welfare team that led by the principal. Parents can be confident that their children are being totally safe, happy and learning.

English language support

Each child is required to join an interview for English language test on the entrance assessment day. A decision is then made by the admission council whether the child needs additional English language support. In case of support needed, he/she is supposed to join a compulsory foundation course which often takes place during the summer time.

In addition, during the school year, pupils who need further English support will be grouped into English language classes based on their need and proficiency. Their English skills will be evaluated after each semester for the school to decide if the support is needed later on.

Cost for English language support classes are not included in tuition fee, which means they are paid courses.

Food and Meal

VFIS offers daily nutritious, balanced and healthy meals for all the pupils in School Cafeteria area. School food is prepared by the outsourced international catering company which strictly meets the standards set by Vietnamese Food Safety Requirement and EN ISO 9001:2015 TUV Austria. We provide the guidance on healthy eating and enable pupils to make informed choices about the food they eat and link to different subject areas. We pay careful attention to food quality and provide a daily variety of Western, Asian and Vegetarian options. During the school year, there are several Cultural Theme weeks when the whole school celebrates both local and international cuisines.


At VFIS, healthcare team consists of qualified medical staff and is present during school hours from Monday to Friday. The school nurse carries out regular health screening, monitors the incidence of illness and maintains infection control within school.

The healthcare staff work closely and collaboratively with parents, teachers, school administration, staff at canteens and other school staff to educate pupils about any health issues and promote healthy and safe environment for all school members.


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