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Welcome Message from Head of School


Welcome to Vietnam-Finland International School. As a new school in Ho Chi Minh City, we are delighted to offer a curriculum based on the Finnish education system. Praised for its innovative curriculum and teaching methods, Finland is at the forefront of child-centred education. We focus on what and how a child learns rather than what is taught. 

Children and young people learn best by doing, and the curriculum at VFIS encourages students to explore, communicate and take risks as they learn about the world. At VFIS, we nurture children’s natural curiosity and offer them a wide variety of subjects through which to develop the skills and confidence needed in the adult world. 

Through the visual and dramatic arts, music and crafts, physical education and even home economics, students develop not just intellectually but also emotionally and ethically. These subjects are a valuable part of our curriculum in and of themselves, but they also are a wonderful way of putting into practice many abstract ideas and skills learned in other subjects. A student building a hydraulic crane or a birdhouse in crafts has to call on knowledge and skills learned in mathematics and science; orienteering in P.E. requires students to learn symbols and use a map, even a compass, before they can find the checkpoints; baking a Tarte Tatin in a four-member team teaches how to follow instructions, assign tasks, measure ingredients, set the table and, in collaboration with the French teacher, converse politely over the dessert before cleaning up. All these activities are deeply satisfying emotionally and socially while building students’ cognitive and motor skills. At VFIS, we value balanced individuals who can look after themselves as well as others.

Ms. Seija Nyholm

Head of School