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How to apply

Admission Process:

Step 1: Application

  • Fill out the application form (online or hard copy)
  • Pay the non- refundable application fee of 2.250.000 VND per application
  • Submit copies of the following documents:
    • The student’s passport (for foreign students)
    • The student’s birth certificate
    • Early Childhood reports for first graders only
    • Copies of last school reports from previous school year
    • The student’s health form
    • 2 passport-sized photographs of the student
    • The parents’/guardians' passports (for foreign students)
    • Any health and/or psychological assessments conducted with the student
    • Proof of bank transfer (if paying via bank account)

Step 2: Entrance Assessment

The tentative entrance test will commence on 17/04/2019. VFIS admisssions staff will inform the parents/ guardian of the set date for entrance assessment.

The aim of assessment is to diagnose the pupil’s readiness to study in an English-speaking environment.

Specifically, first grader applicants will do a basic test of motor social skills, and reading comprehension. Second to fifth grader applicants will be tested reading, writing and communicative English ability. To international pupils, the assessment is conducted in English. To Vietnamese pupils who apply for either international or bilingual programme, it is conducted in both Vietnamese and English.

The assessment reflects Finnish curriculum standards and is based on a holistic evaluation of the prospective pupil’s learning. The assessment allows us to understand each individual’s learning needs and personal qualities (academic ability, emotional and behavioral patterns…).

Step 3: Interview

Once assessment is available, the applicant and their parents will be invited for the interview/conversation with VFIS principal. It will take about 30 minutes and focus on how the school can support the student learning based on the parents’ expectations.

Step 4: Placement and progression

After the interview, a notice of admission result will be made. If the pupil is qualified, a formal letter of acceptance will be issued and delivered via both email and post. Within 14 working days, the acceptance letter must be signed and returned to the adminissions office; in the meantime, a security deposit fee (25.000.000 VND for international programme, 15.000.000 VND for bilingual programme) must be made to guarantee the child a place at VFIS. Security deposit fee is required to be paid via bank transfer or at the admissions office.