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VFIS Model United Nations seeking solutions to the East Sea crisis 

VFIS has been running a Model United Nations (MUN) club since autumn 2020, and the highlight of the long work is approaching. On April 27th, a conference was held at the school. The MUN is an international form of activity practiced in schools around the world. Students take the role of an ambassador of a country or organization, and practice to cooperate with other delegates balancing compromise. 

The MUN at VFIS has selected a challenging task to find solutions to the dispute over the East Sea, or South China Sea. This dispute has caused security concerns for a long time especially in Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. The aim of the MUN is to try to find a peaceful solution to the dispute based on international law and international cooperation with all the parties involved. 

This activity provided students with the opportunity to cultivate their knowledge and explore issues from a variety of perspectives, thereby helping students improve their awareness of the United Nations and global issues, and especially developing English communication skills and soft skills such as: negotiation, debate, peaceful conflict resolution, critical thinking and leadership skills