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Study History and Social Studies at VFIS

Why is it so important to study History and Social Studies?

I personally think that a person cannot truly be complete and civilised without having the proper knowledge of the past and present, therefore I see that in History and Social Studies it is a question of learning life skills of the world we are all living in. By using the information of the past, students are guided to understand the processes which led to the present time and to contemplate the choices made in the future. The objective is to support students in the construction of their identities and support their growth into active members of society, who are able to understand the importance of diversity.


How do we study History and Social Studies at VFIS?

In history instruction, students concentrate on the critical analysing of information of different agents and the different dimensions of the historical source material. 

Instruction also acquaints the students with the basis of historical studies: aiming to perceive the past as accurately as possible by utilising available evidence. Instruction aims to develop historical literacy skills, that is, the skills to read and analyse sources produced by the agents of the past and to make valid interpretations of their objectives and meanings. 

Students are guided toward comprehending the interpretive and multi-perspective nature of historical knowledge and explaining the change and continuity in the historical development process. History instruction helps the students recognise values prevailing in society, conflict of values, and their changes in the course of different times.

Ms. Katja Grekula | History, Social Studies and Economics Teacher

Master of Social Studies, University of Tampere, Finland

European Master’s Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation