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Study Math at VFIS 

The purpose of studying mathematics is to develop curiosity and understanding of the concepts, principles, and nature of mathematics. To equip students with fundamental skills of logical and creative thinking and to develop patience and persistence in problem-solving. To understand how mathematics enables students to explore real and abstract applications of mathematics. Studying mathematics will acquire an appreciation for how developments in technology and mathematics go hand in hand.




Our learning facilities enable students to learn independently and collaboratively in a very inspiring learning environment.  At VFIS various approaches to learning/teaching are used from traditional to modern methods. Learning at VFIS emphasizes self-direction, peer-learning, social skills and it is a community-oriented education. These are the skills we need to teach our youngsters to become fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens. 

Mr. Joni Anttonen | Mathematics and Physics Teacher

Master of Education, University of Jyväskylä, Finland