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Study Music at VFIS

The main objective of music studies at VFIS is to provide students with a solid musical foundation so they can pursue various musical interests in the future. Emphasis is placed on active music-making and practical activities, meaning that students get to sing and play instruments themselves. Besides learning new repertoire students can sing and play, students will learn about different musical styles and instruments as well as basic music theory. For the duration of primary school, students have two lessons of music each week for the entire year. Lessons take place in students’ homerooms or dedicated music classrooms where students have access to a variety of instruments.


The benefits of studying music go far beyond the artistic value and learning musical skills. Current research shows that studying music supports healthy brain development, language skills, and gross and fine motor skills. Students also practice important life skills such as practicing, patience, perseverance, and focus. Creative thinking and problem-solving are also major components of learning music. Students give and receive feedback from their peers and practice making music as a group, which is an excellent way to practice communication and collaboration skills. Most importantly, music can offer students a way to express themselves artistically. After studying music at VFIS, students will have a broad view of the world of music and the foundational skills to pursue any future musical endeavors.

Ms. Alexandria Schultz | Music Teacher