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Study P.E at VFIS

Physical Education (PE) is taught at VFIS as a single subject. It is designed to occupy three 45-minute periods per week (one 90- minute and one 45- minute session) in grades 1 to 6. For 7-10 grades it is designed to occupy one 90-minute period a week. In each year the syllabus is built for 36 -weeks including interdiscplinary weeks. We are also offering various extra-curricular and after school sporting activities.


The aim of physical education is to influence the pupils’ well-being by supporting their physical, social and psychological functional capacity and a positive body image. Positive experiences associated with physical education lessons and supporting a physically active way of living are important in the subject. Physical elements, physical activity, and exercising together are emphasised in the lessons. Physical education promotes equity, equality, and togetherness and supports cultural diversity. Physical education is safe and based on opportunities provided by different seasons and local conditions. School premises, local sports facilities, and nature are utilised diversely in teaching and learning.  We have gym, yoga room, swimming pool, running tracks at rooftop and in the yard and basketball fields outside and of course playground. We are also having some lessons at the TDTU university stadium. These facilities provide us excellent platforms to fully execute world class P.E lessons for our students. 
The pupils are guided in committing to a safe and ethically sustainable activity and learning atmosphere. Physical education has two main goals, which are to guide the pupils in adopting a physically active lifestyle and to educate them through physical activities. Factors that contribute to adopting a physically active lifestyle are physical activity according to the pupils’ age and developmental level, learning of fundamental movement skills, and improving physical functional capacity by exercise. The pupils obtain knowledge and skills needed in different situations involving physical activity. Learning through physical activities includes respectful interaction, responsibility, long-term self-development, recognition and regulation of emotions, and the development of a positive self-image. Physical education provides opportunities for joy, physical expression, participation, sociability, relaxation, playful competition as well as making an effort and helping others. In physical education, the pupil learns ways of promoting his or her health.


In Years 1-5, VFIS provides an encouraging and accepting atmosphere for the achievement of the objectives of physical education. The activities offer all pupils opportunities to succeed and participate and support a functional capacity that guarantees pupils’ well-being. In years 1-2, it is important to recognise difficulties in learning motor skills that may also be connected to other learning difficulties. In years 3-5, attention is paid to basic skills that are important in participating in different activities. Students will learn a variety of different skills, starting from fundamental movement skills which include jumping, leaping, galloping, throwing and catching. These basic skills will then be refined in variety of different sports through the years. Our aim is to provide positive experiences through different sports and new sports for our students.


In grades 6–10, the main emphasis is on versatile application of fundamental movement skills and improving physical capabilities by exercise with the help of different sports and other forms of physical activity. It is particularly important to strengthen the pupil’s positive self-image and acceptance of his or her developing body. Physical education supports the pupils’ well-being and growth towards independence and participation as well as encourages them to engage in health-promoting physical activity independently. The pupils participate in planning the work according to their developmental stage and take responsibility for their own and their group’s activities.

Mr. Jere Ronkainen | P.E Teacher 

Master of Education, University of Jyväskylä, Finland