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LivingWorks Asist: Learn the skills to keep someone safe from suicide

Why suicide prevention?

As we know, many people in the community are subjected to multiple pressures & have suffered from the isolation & disconnection brought on by pandemic restrictions since early 2020. Educators, counsellors, parents, work colleagues & the general community need confidence & skills to intervene when thoughts of suicide are present. This might be with young people, friends, neighbours, work colleagues or any others that they may come into contact with. ASIST provides these skills and tools and the confidence to use them – anytime, anywhere, with anyone. 

•    LivingWorks 
-    is the world leader in suicide prevention training solutions. 
-    LivingWorks have trained over 1 millions of people globally to be caregivers.
-    It has also trained over 6000 trainers to deliver the ASIST Workshop globally.
-    Over the last 15 years, LivingWorks training programs have spread throughout Southeast Asia.  They are now being delivered in both government and private organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. Most recently, the strongest uptake has been amongst the international schools operating in this region, so these workshops are a fitting starting point for the introduction of this training into Vietnam. We are confident of a strong response to the call for Expressions of Interest, from the school community.
•    What is ASIST - Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training? It is to teach anyone how to prevent suicide by:
-    Recognizing signs
-    Providing a skill intervention
-    Developing a safety plan to keep someone alive

The upcoming LivingWorks ASIST Workshop on November 14-15 and November 17-18, 2022 

o    These workshops will be the first of their kind in Vietnam and an important step in setting up suicide safer communities within the education & business communities and beyond.
o    The workshop is a 2 full day in person workshop held in the campus of VFIS.
o    Participants for this two workshops are international school teachers, counselors, student engagement official, mental health counselor, special ed. Teachers, administrator and university students, all from the Saigon community.
o    Sponsors - we are thankful to all the sponsors for their generous donations to support the LivingWorks ASIST Workshop. With their generous donations, we are able to offer this workshop to students at Fulbright. We are also grateful to VFIS for being the organiser for these workshops.

  • Vietnam-Finland International School
  • Wellness Center, Fulbright University Vietnam 
  • Center of Mindfulness (CFM) Singapore 
  • Premier Dental, Vietnam
  • TTIS (Thu Thiem International Church)
  • Private sponsors

Who are the LivingWorks ASIST trainer for the upcoming workshop in Vietnam

o    Lindy MacGregor (ASIST Trainer)

    Regional Manager for Asia Pacific for LivingWorks.
    25 years’ experience as an ASIST trainer.

o    Sandy Sinn (ASIST Trainer)

    Founder of Center of Positive Psychology & Wellbeing
    She is a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Coach, Youth Mental Health Advocates, Strengths-based Parenting Coach and Wellbeing at school and workpace Coach and a LivingWorks ASIST Trainer.