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VFIS Face | Pham Minh Phuc
VFIS Face | Pham Minh Phuc
VFIS Talent | Pham Xuan Bach
Congratulations Pham Xuan Bach, a VFIS student of class 7A, on winning the bronze medal with his team in the 9th Asia Pacific Cup in Singapore.
VFIS Face | Nguyen Nhut Thanh Dai
️Congratulations to students Pham Minh Phuc and Nguyen Nhut Thanh Dai who have just won the prospecting Prize of the Finland - Math competition for Vietnamese students (Eduten).
VFIS Face | Nguyen Ly Long Hai
Congratulations to student Nguyen Ly Long Hai, class 5A, who successfully attained the Gold - Piano Solo at the Asia Arts Festival (AFF) 2022 in Singapore.
VFIS Face | Hoang Thuy Trang
Congratulations to Hoang Thuy Trang, a student in class 10A who won a silver medal in tennis at the Ho Chi Minh City Student Sports Tournament 2021-2022.
VFIS students outstandingly won Bronze Medal at Singapore International Math Olympiad 
Congratulate Ngoc An with your achievements as well as wish you many more achievements in the future!