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VFIS student achieving the Silver Medal  in Vietnam TITAN Mathematical Olympiad 2020
Recently, student Nguyen Vo Ngoc An, Class 3B, has successfully achieved a Silver Medal in the Vietnam TITAN Mathematical Olympiad (VTMO) 2020.
Principal's message to students amid coronavirus outbreak
A school feels empty without its students. And when you return, we will do everything we can to keep you safe and happy. Until then...
It was a wonderful day with many sweet memories. We wish our beloved students a wonderful Tet holiday with family and friends!
VFIS in 2019
We wish you a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year! 
Come by and Say Hi to VFIS
If you were unable to attend the latest event or would like to visit the school again and talk with admissions staff, please register here:

Sự kiện nổi bật

14 - December
01, Street D1, District 7, TP. HCM (inside Ton Duc Thang University - 19, Nguyen Huu Tho, District 7, HCMC)

✌ Welcome to the Vietnam-Finland International School!


Forward-looking curriculum

Forward-looking curriculum

VFIS’s educational programmes are designed to prepare pupils for lifetime success, not only equipping them with foundation knowledge, but also nourishing essential skills for future working life and nurturing good human characteristics. The school’s curriculum adopts the quintessence of Finnish education adaptated to Vietnam while reflecting globally recognised trends and practices.

Research-oriented pedagogy

Research-oriented pedagogy

Research-proven educational practices is the hallmark of teaching, learning and other school activities. Led by highly qualified Vietnamese and Finnish educators with extensive teaching experience, VFIS’s teaching and academic team plays a key role in implementing quality educational activities. New teaching and learning methods are frequently experimented, researched and then adopted if successful. Even breaks and meal plans are developed based on science-based implications.

Human-driven living community

Human-driven living community

Education serves human growth and development, both children’s and adults’. At VFIS, each pupil is guided to achieve academic success based on his/her individual study plan, while teachers are encouraged and offered to participate in both personal and professional learning programmes. While respecting the personality and background of each individual, collaboration and support are emphasised throughout the whole school in order to build a cohesive and well-connected community. Equally important is the well-being of each member of the school community.

Purposeful and comfortable learning facilities

Purposeful and comfortable learning facilities

VFIS is proud of its superior, spacious and flexible teaching and learning spaces as well as other school facilities to provide the optimal academic experience. Its infrastructure features Finnish smart design for living and learning convenience. All standard classrooms, multifunctional rooms, libraries, playgrounds and sports areas are fully equipped with teaching aids and equipment for both academic and recreational purposes.

The progress of VFIS
Information - FAQs

Information - FAQs

Facilities and Learning Environment

Finnish Education

A very Finnish Education

Compared to other counterparts in the world, Finnish students start school later in life. Go home earlier each day, and do less homework. So what makes Finnish Education system one of the finest in the world?

Does it all come down to one simple but powerful concept: trust?

Source: Google for Education

What makes Finnish Education effective and fun

Finnish education has been recognized as one of the best education systems in the world. Besides being the best performing students, Finns are also one of the happiest students among all. With only 2.8 hours a week spent on homework, that is not a surprise. But is there anything else that makes Finnish kids go to school with joy?

This is Vantaa International School, where kids learning with science-based games. The game focuses on teaching players key concepts from physics and chemistry, the story starting from the beginning of matter: the Big Bang. Let’s heard about what kids really thought about the game.

Source: arcticstartup

Human of VFIS