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Study Rainbow Hour at VFIS

Rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon, which is related to not only the visual aspect but also a symbol of hope, joy and solidarity. In line with that beautiful meaning, at VFIS, we offer a Rainbow Hour - a special lesson with 2 periods per week, providing students with novel and unique experiences.

The first Rainbow Hour is a lesson of experiential activity. In this section, students will engage in different practical activities and interact with each other. Through the exploration of the environmental surroundings to participation in group activities, each session promisingly offers students exciting and exhilarating experiences. Students will become more confident in communicating, collaborating and developing social skills through the Rainbow lessons.

During the second Rainbow period is the class activities time, we come together in a comfortable and peaceful classroom setting to discuss important life issues and learn from one another. It not only provides knowledge but also enhances analytical thinking, listening skills, and the ability to share opinions.

Rainbow Hour provides an opportunity to cultivate personal skills and foster a vibrant and enjoyable learning environment. With dedicated guidance and active participation from teachers, our students will find joy in every lesson and develop a genuine passion for lifelong learning.

Let's explore the world of knowledge and experience with Rainbow Hour. Together, we commit to build a vibrant learning community, develop the skills needed for the future for individuals and create unforgettable memories in the Rainbow Hour. 

Ms. Pham Bui Xuan Phuong | Homeroom Primary Teacher