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The construction of the VFIS school was designed and supervised by Finnish architects reflecting the philosophy of Finnish education and the Finnish approach to learning. The campus has a basement and three floors plus the roof with a total construction area over 50,000m2 on a 5-hectare site within TDTU’s main campus. The building enables VFIS pupils to learn independently and collaboratively, and to think, plan and explore in a supportive and inspiring school environment.

The VFIS learning environment aims at:

  • Enabling the joy of learning
  • Supporting thinking and learning to learn skills in a safe and flexible environment
  • Allowing for wide-ranging transversal skills through multidisciplinary learning modules
  • Developing communal knowledge
  • Laying the foundation for a sustainable way of life

The school is designed to be safe and to promote students’ healthy growth and development according to their age and ability.

To know about facilities at VFIS, please visit here