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Welcome Message from Acting Head of School

Dear VFIS parents, teachers and students,
This year our young school will start its final grade. In 2019 we launched our primary school, 2020  secondary and high school, 2021 the IBDP programme, and now finally a group of students will start the 12th grade. They will be the first students graduating from our high school's two programmes (bilingual and IBDP) next summer and applying to universities with a VFIS diploma. I am certain the VFIS diploma will be a strong asset for everyone graduating. I wish all of our students, from first grade to the 12th grade, an enjoyable and memorable school year. Work hard and you will achieve your goals. 

Our focus has always been and will always be Finnish student-centric education, developing our students as life-long learners according to our Core Values:
Vitality: Strong, active and energetic spirit.
Flexibility: Successful adaptation and management in life.
Inclusion: Integration for development.
Sisu: A Finnish word for resilience and perseverance for the better.

It is my great pleasure to continue the work of Ms. Seija and Ms. Sanna of whom I have learned a lot while working here in Vietnam. I am also proud and grateful to work with our professional staff, creative students and caring parents. 
We will continue on the path to achieve our ambitious goals.

With Best Regards,

Dr. Tuomo Jaakkonen
Acting Head of School