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Vision, Mission & Core Value


VFIS is a unique 21st-century bilingual school and a happy, healthy and lively learning community. The school serves as a benchmark for academic excellence and a place where a world-class curriculum, superior teaching, innovation and long-standing cultural traditions harmoniously integrate.


The mission of VFIS is to inspire in its students rewarding personal and professional lives. Students will gain the necessary skills, knowledge, competences and character qualities to successfully manage the challenges and opportunities of an ever-changing world.

VFIS achieves its mission by:

  • Creating authentic learning opportunities to develop the cognitive and social skills required for success
  • Enabling graduates to transition to higher education with advanced digital, language, thinking, and study skills
  • Achieving high academic and competence-performance levels across all grades
  • Establishing a forerunner showcase school of evidence- based excellence
  • Providing a community of professional development for teachers and future teacher trainees at Ton Duc Thang University
  • Linking and collaborating internationally with world-class schools and entities in research, practice and performance
  • Thriving to become a national and regional centre of excellence in education


The Vietnam-Finland International School core values recognize the significance of childhood and the uniqueness of every child to grow and fulfil his or her potential as an individual and a full member of society. At VFIS, we embrace the following four core values in our everyday work: 

  • Vitality: Strong, active and energetic wisdom
  • Flexibility: Successful adaptation and management of every challenge and opportunity
  • Inclusion: Creation of opportunities for everyone 
  • Sisu: A Finnish word for resilience and perseverance; determination in the face of adversity