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1. VFIS is the first Finnish international school in Southeast Asia, respecting the highest standards of Finnish education. This project is important nationally with full support from the Governments of Vietnam and Finland.


2. VFIS is a part of Ton Duc Thang University, which is ranked 101 – 200 in overall 2019 THE University Impact Rankings. VFIS is also the first international school directly under the guidance of a public university in Vietnam, the public property which is independent from any businesses. All activities at VFIS pursue the goal of serving the development of our country;s educational system. Therefore, students have excellent opportunities for exploring their passion, finding inspiration, and preparing into the future.


3. VFIS carries the educational philosophy of peace and happiness, which means that the school does not put pressure on children, competition for titles but focuses on forging spirit, perseverance and motivation for cooperation and development. The knowledge and skills are fostered gradually towards each student’s independence and happiness. In international program, the students study 180 days and have no standardized tests.


4. VFIS has a future-oriented learning program, built on the essence of Finnish education and Vietnam’s good basic values. It prepares students with essential knowledge and skills for the future and nurtures a positive personality in order to tackle challenges and succeed everywhere in the world.


5. VFIS has facilities with educational goals which are designed by Finnish architects. The learning spaces are flexible and multi-functional, offering unlimited study opportunities and maximizing the academic experience.


6. VFIS applies a pedagogy based on scientific research, which is a prominent feature of teaching, learning and other activities. The new teaching and learning methods are regularly studied, tested and implemented. Other daily activities, such as break and lunch, are also based on the scientific evidence.


7. VFIS recruits a team of highly specialized teachers, who are experts and educational professionals. Their teaching capacity is based on Finnish standards and they have full autonomy in choosing suitable teaching methods. They receive absolute trust from the Board of the school and parents. They are also encouraged to participate in professional development or personal learning continuously.


8. VFIS aims for sustainable human development, where every student is taught to achieve academic success in accordance with their own learning plans. At VFIS, the difference and diversity of each individual is respected, but the spirit of support and cooperation is always highly appreciated. VFIS aspires to become a formal pedagogical community to meet international standards in research and experimentation in Vietnam, and a place where education reforms and innovations can be recognized.



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