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Ms. Maria Shendrick Frank
There are several initiatives available to VFIS students to assist them become more active. We appreciate the School's capacity to integrate academic and artistic pursuits. VFIS is highly concerned with creativity, emotion, and behavior. Teachers are also very kind, which helps to create a comfortable learning environment for students. Our daughter was considerably pleased to be able to effortlessly contribute to that environment.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Tam
I appreciate how he can grow without having to compare himself to anyone else. VFIS teachers have the authority to decide on all classroom activities based on the personality of the learner. After each semester, he knows how to re-evaluate himself , and aim for more and greater success.
Ms. Nguyen Huong Linh
Maybe the most remarkable thing about a child when he goes to school is that he loves his school, and his class, and he loves going to school on a daily basis. Every time coming home from school, Long Hai is so happy talking about his teachers, friends, and his school activities in a very excited and positive way, and he is looking forward to being at school, he is enthusiastic to integrate into his schooling world, which is the best thing of a student. VFIS changed Long Hai from a shy boy to a more perseverant and confident boy, and he became a person who shares and takes care of others.
Mr. Nguyen Tran Quang
I have known VFIS since a meeting with the Finnish Embassy. Finland is not only a happy country, but it is also one of the countries with the greatest education in the world. I am amazed with the space at VFIS; I feel that learning in a vast place would allow kids to expand their minds and stimulate greater creativity.
Mr. Hoang Manh Cuong
There are three main reasons. Firstly, knowing the teaching methods and training programs of the VFIS, the family found it suitable for our child. Secondly, this is a School with the company and support of both the government of Finland and Vietnam; moreover, VFIS is the first International School in Vietnam affiliated with a university - Ton Duc Thang University - an excellent University in Vietnam. Thirdly, the Family visited the School facilities, talked to the teachers and then decided to let the child study here.
Mr. Do Huu Tue
Before choosing a school, we have to ask our child if he/she likes the school. This is what I have asked my child very carefully, and he would really love to have a chance to study at VFIS. We choose the school for our child, not for ourselves.