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Nguyen Huynh Ngoc Khanh’s Speech in The End of School Year
I am deeply honoured to represent the VFIS students to give a speech at this meaningful event today.
Oral Testing from Finnish Teachers’ perspective at VFIS
Early-hour testing, also known as oral testing, is no longer unfamiliar to teachers and students in Vietnamese public schools.
Students’ Speech for the Opening Ceremony, School year 2023-2024
As we step into this new academic journey, I want to acknowledge the remarkable teachers who have dedicated themselves to shaping our minds and guiding us toward success.
Acting Head of School’s Speech for the Opening Ceremony, school year 2023-2024
Welcome everyone to the Opening ceremony of the new school year at VFIS. Thank you all for being here today.
High school graduation speech by student 
Today is an immensely significant day, especially for the Grade 12 students, as it marks our high school graduation. It is also the day we officially become alumni of VFIS, where we have grown every day to proudly stand here as the first generation of students to graduate from the International Baccalaureate Program at VFIS.
Homework, should or should not?
In Finland we do give homework, but it is only given when the teacher feels that it is necessary for the students. There is no policy that homework has to be given after every lesson, or even every week.