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Homework, should or should not?
In Finland we do give homework, but it is only given when the teacher feels that it is necessary for the students. There is no policy that homework has to be given after every lesson, or even every week. 
Let’s raise your hands and ask any questions
So, I really enjoy working here also with my working colleagues because it’s really easy to know that they are always willing to learn from you and at the same time, they are really polite colleagues.
Graduation Speech by La Lam Khue
VFIS isn’t just a school, it’s a new adventure. 
The Daisy Project - Where children are, Where love is
The Daisy Project was established by students of VFIS (Vietnam-Finland International School) dated January 2, 2022. With the purpose of helping students learn about children›s rights and learn the proper ways to behave in daily life.
Why is Finnish education still at the top of the world?
No tests, no homework, no punishment, here’s why Finnish education is still at the top of the world.
What should teachers teach students after the pandemic?
Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in every aspect, even education.