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How does Finnish education prepare students for an uncertain future?
The workshop with lots of updated practical knowledge helped participants realize what needed to be prepared for their children to make sure they have a solid future,...
Seminar: "Bilingual education - effective activities to practice at home"
The discussion was exciting with specific questions from parents throughout the session and detailed explanation by the presenter.
2018 Finnish School Day
VFIS is the first Finnish International School in Vietnam and also the first international school to be established by a public university in Vietnam.
Introducing the Acting Head of School
Dr. Tuomo obtained a Master's degree in Biology (in 2007) and then completed the PhD Programme (in 2014) at the University of Oulu, one of the top five universities in Finland and one of the top 300 universities worldwide according to THE.
Closing Ceremony for the Academic Year 2021-2022 of Vietnam-Finland International School
On the morning of June 17, 2022, Vietnam-Finland International School (VFIS) organized the Closing Ceremony for the Academic Year 2021-2022.
VFIS Open Day | 21.05.2022
We are pleased to announce that the VFIS INFORMATION DAY will be held on May 21, 2022 (Saturday).
VFIS Family Sports Day 2022
The role of sport is inherently not only contributing to physical enhancement but also a way of bringing people closer together, especially family members.
Preparing 1st grade with VFIS
In today's developed society, accompanying children on the learning journey seems to become more challenging for parents, especially parents whose children are about to enter 1st grade.
VFIS Open Day | 16.04.2022
We are pleased to announce that the VFIS OPEN DAY will be held on April, 16th, 2022 (Saturday).
The Future from International Baccalaureate Programme at VFIS
In the current trend of globalization, many high school students are choosing the International Baccalaureate degree as the goal of striving on their journey of learning and maturation.
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