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How does Finnish education prepare students for an uncertain future?

That was the topic of the Workshop organized by Vietnam-Finland International School (VFIS) on 6 April morning in 2019, at VFIS attracting leaders of schools, teachers and parents by Finnish education expert’s presentation, Ms. Seija Nyholm, the former Principal of the English Bilingual School in Helsinki, Finland.

Attending the workshop, the attendees looked back on the changes of the world today as well as the challenges that the younger generation are facing. People discussed and learned about the curriculum in Finland, the country with the most advanced general education in the world. This country is very successful in educating and preparing citizens for the future with 3 key orientations such as increasing student’s participation in every lesson, raising the meaning of learning, and creating conditions for students to feel their own success at school.

In addition, the speaker introduced 8 future educational trends: 1) lifelong learning, 2) global citizenship, 3) strengthening the position of girls and women, 4) urbanization, 5) sustainability, 6) circular economy, 7) energy technology, and 8) artificial intelligence. Along with these 8 updated mega trends, Finnish schools determine the knowledge and skills needed to prepare students for the constant changes of society, including thinking and learning skills; intercultural interaction skills and expressing personal views; self-care skills and daily life management; language ability; ability of information and communication technology application; work and start-up skills; participating, influencing and building a sustainable future together. At VFIS, the first original Finnish school in Southeast Asia, students will be trained on these skills through diverse and new projects and activities in subjects such as maths, science, social studies, visual arts, handicrafts, home economics, and value education.

The workshop with lots of updated practical knowledge helped participants realize what needed to be prepared for their children to make sure they have a solid future, get ready to adapt to all circumstances of the world in the future.

Some photos of the workshop:

Many visitors participating the workshop


Ms. Seija Nyholm sharing the knowledge and skills that parents need to prepare their children for the constant change of society


After the workshop, many parents enrolled their children at VFIS