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Study Drama at VFIS 

Drama is a subject taught in VFIS in Grade 8-9. It is a subject with various active learning methods. The working methods include e.g. team building and contact exercises, games, pair and group work, mimicry and body language exercises, improvisation, vocal exercises, inventing characters and developing scenes. 

In Drama, students cultivate vital social skills, including active listening, effective communication, and the ability to work seamlessly as part of an ensemble. Students learn to appreciate the value of diverse perspectives and embrace the power of teamwork.

Producing a play or program for school events may be a goal for a drama course, but pedagogic objectives should be prioritized and possible performances prepared sensitively, taking into account the level of development, skills and needs of the group. Outputs can be in the form of play, video, performance art, flash mob, interactive installation, etc., or something taking place without an audience, like a process drama. 

Drama is an exceptionally sensitive subject which operates with students self-knowledge, self-expression and even body perception. Assessment in Drama is encouraging and focuses on student’s development and participation. It is based on continuous observation e.g. of commitment and punctuality, developing ideas and courage to try new things. A caring and open-minded attitude towards others is encouraged.

Ms. Ulla-Maija Myllyluoma | Drama, Music and Experiential Learning Teacher