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Study History at VFIS
History, in the recent common sense, are the stories covered with the dust of time. At VFIS, we think differently: history appears in a single breath of life. 
Study Crafts at VFIS
The pedagogical craft was born during the second half of the 19th century in Sweden and Finland.
Study Home Economics at VFIS
Home economics is a multidisciplinary field that connects elements such as knowledge, skills, culture, systems and behaviours to enhance quality of life.
Study Geography at VFIS
In addition to learning geographical facts, we learn presentation skills, critical thinking and interpretation and analysis of geographical data and geomedia.
Study Visual Arts at VFIS
The Visual Arts department wishes to inspire our students and offer opportunities to broaden horizons, build focus as well as prepare for the future. Arts is essential! 
Study Physics at VFIS 
Physics is for students who are curious about the world around them, as it seeks to explain the universe itself, from the very smallest particles to the immense distances between galaxies.