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VFIS Story | A semester without any in-person classes

I still remember the day when I met the teacher through the computer screen and listened about how to study online effectively as well as the rules when learning online. But now, the first semester of the school year 2021-2022 has almost passed. All students in Ho Chi Minh City in general and students of Vietnam-Finland School in particular have spent a semester online without going to school a single day.

For me, this semester has brought a lot of difficulties for both teachers and students across the city. The inadequacies of online learning have brought too many challenges for us. My study is no longer as convenient as when I study directly at the school. For example, when some friends or some teachers have network problems, the online lesson that day will be interrupted. In theoretical subjects such as Math or Physics, I and my classmates can complete the exercises or activities that the teacher assigns to us. However, in hands-on subjects such as Arts or Crafts, there are some students who may not have the equipment to do the activities and exercises.

However, with the positivity and flexibility of VFIS students, difficulties did fail to conquer our learning spirit. We know that there are still many people on the front lines of the epidemic prevention and control who are more difficult than us. Thanks to them, we have more motivation to successfully complete this difficult semester. So, now we are also more used to online learning. Our parents now also can go outside for work, so it is not as hard as before since now all learning tools can be easily bought for hands-on subjects. After all, we all have gained many valuable experiences for ourselves. 

Through the experiences of online learning, I also learned for myself that I should prepare carefully and go to class 5 minutes in advance so that if there is a problem with the network, I can still be on time. But after all, I hope to be able to return to the School soon to meet my teachers and friends.


December 2021

Nguyễn Giang Bảo Luân – Class 6C