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VFIS students ring the Golden Bell on the occasion of Hung Kings Commemoration Day 2024

On the occasion of the Hung Kings Commemoration Day, the VFIS community, including teachers and students, came together to partake in a variety of hands-on activities that celebrated the cherished traditions of our homeland and country. Among the highlights of the day was the Golden Bell Competition, which witnessed enthusiastic participation from all corners of our school community. This competition served as a unique platform for participants to delve deeper into the rich history of our nation's construction and heroic defense, while also showcasing the remarkable wisdom and dynamism of VFIS students through their quick and accurate responses.

The School would like to extend our congratulations to Nguyen Lam Anh from Class 3C, Nguyen Minh Tuan from Class 6B, and Duong Thanh Tung from Class 5B for their outstanding performance in the Golden Bell Competition. Their remarkable acumen and profound historical knowledge have made us immensely proud.