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Primary Teacher
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government, Kalamazoo College

Mr. Brandon Castille Bigler

My name is Brandon Bigler and I am an English teacher here at VFIS. I am from Washington DC, USA, and I graduated with a bachelor of arts from Kalamazoo College in Michigan, USA. I have been living and teaching English here in Vietnam for almost 7 years, and at VFIS for one year. I think that reading and expressing yourself through writing are fundamental to growing as a person and student, and my goal is to inspire a love of reading and literature in my students. 

I love that VFIS teaches the Finnish curriculum which values interdisciplinary education, and allows students the independence and support to make real-world connections in their studies. I believe that VFIS prepares students to become growth-minded world citizens, and I am always delighted with the students here at the school. 

I think that learning can be fun and inspiring for students of all ages, and I want to nurture a lifelong curiosity and love of learning in every student.