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Mid-Autumn Festival at VFIS

On the afternoon of September 13 of 2019, which was also the full moon day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, more than 200 students of Vietnam-Finland International School (VFIS) celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 (VFIS Mid-Autumn Festival 2019) with various traditional activities such as reciting moon poetry, telling the story of the Moon Boy, lion-dragon-unicorn dance, making moon cakes, making Mid-Autumn lanterns, and so on in a cozy atmosphere at VFIS.

The Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 taking place at VFIS for the first time is not only a new experience for international students, but also helps them participate in a meaningful exchange and get acquainted with Vietnamese culture. In addition, through many academic and extracurricular activities celebrating this festival with Finnish teachers, students were inspired with creativity and trained to be more self-confident and dynamic.

With the bustling beat of drums and colorful lanterns made by VFIS students, the Mid-Autumn Festival at VFIS brought the students enormous joy for the first days of the new school year, helping the children enjoy their childhood, have fun learning and stay happy, just like the motto of VFIS.

Some images of Mid-Autumn Festival at VFIS:



The Finnish teachers bringing Mid-Autumn themes to the classrooms at VFIS




The students making the lanterns themselves and decorating VFIS campus


Ms. Seija Nyholm, the Principal of VFIS celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with the students


VFIS students having fun with the Moon Boy and Rabbit




VFIS teachers and students discovering Vietnamese culture through folk games 


Telling the story of the Moon Boy with a recycled model


VFIS students reciting a poem


VFIS students excitedly making the moon cakes for the first time


... and happily showing the products




The children having fun at the game booths of the Festival


Teachers and students posing for a group photo of the first unforgettable and happy festival at VFIS