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How VFIS teachers spend their Tet 

Tet is even more special for VFIS teachers to experience this unique culture of Vietnam for the first time. Let's follow the sharing of Ms. Sophia and Ms.Suvi about their Lunar New Year holiday in Vietnam.

My name is Sophia Laroma. I have been working in Vietnam for 2 and a half years

In Viet Nam, I love the climate/ weather, I have travelled around Vietnam and It always surprises me how diverse Vietnam is. The nature and atmosphere differ everywhere, people are happy and very friendly, and the food is great. 

I have celebrated Tet twice. The first time I was a bit confused and surprised how Saigon suddenly was like a ghost town. People left the city and stores were closed. I was wondering how these people celebrate. Then I realized that Tet is an important family celebration like Christmas in Europe. People gather with their family. Most leave the city because their elder family members live outside the city area. Most surprising to me the first time was handing out lucky money, that was totally new for me. Vietnamese people are hardworking and rarely have holidays, so Tet is the most important time to relax and enjoy. I really respect the Tet traditions, cleaning and decorating the home, getting carefully prepared so all family members feel welcome, I Love the colors and decorations.

Last Year I celebrated Tet with my Vietnamese friends. I learnt how to make banh Chung and visited their family in the countryside. I really enjoyed the authentic Tet food and atmosphere 

This year I have already cleaned my home, put up  Tet decorations got my lucky money envelopes and bought my tet flowers. Here in Saigon, I will go to see a parade and the decorations. For my Tet holiday I'm planning to travel and during the actual Tet days I will spend time with my Vietnamese friend and family. Enjoy the food, play traditional Vietnamese games, and relax. 
For the coming cat year, I wish everyone happiness, health and prosperity.


I’m Suvi Miekk-Oja. I came to Vietnam last August and now, I have been working here for 5-6 months now. 

There are so many good things here, so it’s impossible to choose only one. However, what I like the most in Vietnam is its people. Vietnamese people are very friendly and always polite. Besides, Vietnamese cuisine tickles my taste buds. Local fresh vegetables and fruits are delicious and nutritious. Not to mention the climate, which is perfect, all-year-round (that I’ve heard, since this is my first year here). 

This year I will celebrate Tet for the first time in my life. I am excited to get familiar with Vietnamese culture and TET celebration.
We, my husband and I, are planning to celebrate the TET festival both in Phu Quoc and in HCMC. The first week in Phu Quoc is to relax, and to enjoy the friendly atmosphere and beautiful nature, and the second week is to meet friends (and relatives) in HCMC. I have bought some flowers to decorate my balcony, and some empty red envelopes to make everyone happy.
I am also excited about the flour street in central HCMC as well as the fire works. It’ll be great to see how the families get together. I am also interested in seeing this megacity calming down for this huge family holiday.

Have a great TET holiday!