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VFIS Talent | Pham Minh Phuc

🏆️🏆️🏆Congratulations to students Pham Minh Phuc and Nguyen Nhut Thanh Dai who have just won the prospecting Prize of the Finland - Math competition for Vietnamese students (Eduten).

📐Eduten is the leading Math learning platform from Finland - a country with a happy education, many years heading the world in Math and Science. Eduten helps students discover their own learning potential and develop their Math - English skills at the same time.

🎉The achievements of Minh Phuc and Thanh Dai have contributed to bringing glory to the school, simultaneously, asserted the passion and effort for Mathematics.Thereby, spreading the spirit of curiosity and effort to all VFIS students, and looking to the comprehensive development of VFIS students in their learning and training journey at the School.

🏆️ We are very proud of you, Minh Phuc and Thanh Dai. We hope that you will keep your enthusiasm so that you can achieve more outstanding achievements and go further with your passion for Math.