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VFIS Face | Pham Minh Phuc
VFIS Face | Pham Minh Phuc
VFIS Talent | Pham Xuan Bach
Congratulations Pham Xuan Bach, a VFIS student of class 7A, on winning the bronze medal with his team in the 9th Asia Pacific Cup in Singapore.
VFIS Face | Nguyen Nhut Thanh Dai
️Congratulations to students Pham Minh Phuc and Nguyen Nhut Thanh Dai who have just won the prospecting Prize of the Finland - Math competition for Vietnamese students (Eduten).
VFIS Face | Nguyen Ly Long Hai
Congratulations to student Nguyen Ly Long Hai, class 5A, who successfully attained the Gold - Piano Solo at the Asia Arts Festival (AFF) 2022 in Singapore.
VFIS Face | Hoang Thuy Trang
Congratulations to Hoang Thuy Trang, a student in class 10A who won a silver medal in tennis at the Ho Chi Minh City Student Sports Tournament 2021-2022.
VFIS students outstandingly won Bronze Medal at Singapore International Math Olympiad 
Congratulate Ngoc An with your achievements as well as wish you many more achievements in the future!
VFIS student achieving the Silver Medal  in Vietnam TITAN Mathematical Olympiad 2020
The contest is held with the aim to select and train gifted students in maths as well as promoting maths learning for all students in Vietnam.
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