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Speech on graduation day by VFIS Head of School
To be a pioneer means to move forward into territory that is new.
What is happiness?
Happiness is never just handed to us. Happiness is a choice that we have to make everyday. 
Whoever has found happiness, that happiness she should hide
There’s a famous line by a 19th-century Finnish poet, “Kell’ onni on, se onnen kätkeköön”.
The Miracles
They imagine the Lego bricks are food and cook for each other. They come to me and tell me they are happy. Why? I ask.
Learning Math in the Eduten Way
Last November, teachers and students in the international programme trialled a new math learning programme from Finland.
Let's look on the positive side
The shift to online learning is not easy, but it is a great opportunity.
How much do you love your students?
This morning, VFIS witnessed a very interesting reunion. The principal of an early childhood school came to visit her old students at VFIS.
Assessment at VFIS

The purpose of assessment is to guide and encourage learning and to develop students’ capability for self-assessment. For the most part, assessment takes place in the interaction between teacher and student. Assessment should be continuous and varied. Experiencing success encourages students to learn more, but mistakes and failures are also an important part of the learning process. Assessment is an integral part of instruction and is used in a manner that promotes
learning and is honest and respectful.

The three general areas assessed by teachers at VFIS are:

Orienteeing in P.E
 Orienteering teaches students about the benefits of knowing how to read a map and navigate in urban surroundings or in nature.
My passionate and unforgettable teachers
The daughter of an Australian mother and a Finnish father who met in Lesotho, I have been privileged as a birthright to learn two languages and travel the world.
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