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Learning Math in the Eduten Way

Last November, teachers and students in the international programme trialled a new math learning programme from Finland. It proved so successful that the school has bought the programme for our international students. 

Eduten Playground is a digital learning platform with scientifically proven impact on learning results and grades. It also makes teachers' life easier with automated lesson planning and learning analytics. Eduten Playground achieves all this by combining Finnish educational excellence with gamification and AI (Artificial Intelligence). 


Eduten Playground comes with a library of more than 15,000 mathematics exercises for ages 6-15. The exercises have been co-designed with hundreds of Finnish teachers, and they are easy to use with any curriculum.

The core of Eduten Playground's learning impact is a carefully crafted learning environment that motivates students to work more. Studies show that with Eduten Playground students solve up to 8 times more tasks compared to pen and paper.

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