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Striking Halloween Festival at VFIS
Halloween is probably one of the most attractive school-year events that VFIS students anticipate.
Introducing VFIS Student Football Team
In order to encourage the spirit of playing sports in general through football in particular, the School established a men's soccer team
Introducing a book festival 2022
The Book Festival 2022 officially operated from 10th October with a variety of engaging activities
Parent - Teacher meeting
On October 27-28, 2022, the school held meetings between parents and teachers to exchange and update information on students’ progress at VFIS after 2 months of the new school year 2022-2023
LivingWorks Asist: Learn the skills to keep someone safe from suicide
As we know, many people in the community are subjected to multiple pressures & have suffered from the isolation & disconnection brought on by pandemic restrictions since early 2020.
VFIS students have meeting with International Universities
On the morning of 22nd September 2022, VFIS was pleased to welcome University of the West of England, Bristol - United Kingdom; La Trobe University - Australia....