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In order to bring happiness and good memories of summer to the students, this coming Saturday, July 25, VIFS will hold an event called HYVÄÄ SUMMER DAYS 2020 which means Happy Summer Day. The event is a chain of interesting activities which will serve a variety of interests of students from age 5 to 16. 

*If you are interested in academics, this is a great opportunity to explore the first Finnish international school in Southeast Asia; you could find out programmes and teaching methods at VFIS; participate in a gallery about Finnish teaching materials; and join our workshop on how to learn English more effectively. Register to a face-to-face interview with the School Board to earn the scholarship with value up to 50% annual tuition. 

*Or if you simply want your children to enjoy a happy and joyful summer day at VFIS, fun sports, drama, painting and dancing activities are awaiting for you all.  

*Especially, families participating in this event will grab an opportunity to receive gifts up to 10 to 20 million VND when registering the entrance assessment for your child at the event. 

Together with VFIS, let’s savour the best summer days in the style of Finland!

See you at VFIS on July 25! 



For more information, please contact the school via the hotline 0903 996 232 or e-mail: