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Hyvää Summer Day 2020 

On July 25th,Vietnam-Finland International School (VFIS) hosted the Hyvää Summer Day 2020 with the participation of many parents and students. "Hyvää" in Finnish language means "good". This is also the message VFIS would like to send to participants. The event took place in a warm educational atmosphere with plenty of activities and information.





Science world

A series of exhibitions and fun activities on various scientific topics introduced Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Many of these activities were conducted by leading professors from Ton Duc Thang University. Science world not only brought knowledge but fun to the students. 





Play stations

This area involved a series of activities. The students who were interested in physical activities could join a friendly race on the rooftop or learn basic steps of modern dance or simply just have fun trying different physical activities. The students with a passion for the arts could join the crafts table, and a drama class was available as well. Last but not the least, there was a robotics station where the students could interact with the robots and learn the basic principles of coding.
















There were also two exhibition tables. One of these was the exhibition of Finnish learning materials, including educational tools imported from Finland. The exhibition showed visitors the effort and attention to detail at VFIS in following authentic Finnish education. It is revealed in the school’s grand  architecture all the way to the smallest pieces of learning materials. Another exhibition featured a book written by a Master’s Candidate of Industrial Arts in TDTU. Visitors enjoyed interacting and even got sketches as gifts from the author too. 








A workshop about learning English was offered by one of our new secondary school teachers. Mr. Hao Dinh, the American guest speaker, is a Vietnamese by origin. He graduated from an American university and taught in Maryland before moving to Vietnam. He provided a great deal of useful information about learning English, including how to succeed on international exams like the SAT and ACT. 



Scholarship Interview 

There was also a session where the students entering Grade 9 and 10 could apply for a scholarship with a total value up to 8 billion dongs. The scholarship is  a gesture of financial support to prospective parents and an appreciation of talented students. 

Thank you to all for joining us on this fine day! Our admissions programme from Grade 1 to 10 is still open. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about the learning programmes or facilities at this first K-12 school in Southeast Asia.