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How we learn English at VFIS

Here at VFIS, our English teachers strive to create a challenging environment that prepares our students to succeed in English speaking classrooms around the world. So often with English classes in Vietnam, teachers tend to focus on learning new vocabulary words and grammar rules at the expense of the practical English skills that students in native English-speaking countries are taught. 

At VFIS, we take a more global approach that starts with reading engaging texts, speaking in varying group sizes, and writing about what we have learned. Thus, our students still learn vocabulary and grammar, but they do so in the context of a fully immersed English classroom. After all, what good is learning the English language if you can’ t put it to good use?




As a new international school, our student body comes from all sorts of educational backgrounds with different approaches to English instruction. Regardless of the starting points of our students, by the time they graduate from VFIS, our goal is to develop the English levels and skills of our students to a global standard. 

We determine this global standard through the use of Cambridge assessments on the bilingual side, and Finnish and British assessments on the international side. Our bilingual and international teachers don’t just rely on these assessments, they also make use of their extensive experience to provide resources tailored to our students’ specific needs. Our goal is for our students to graduate with an English level that can open up a world of opportunities beyond the borders of our VFIS community.

Mr. Hao Dinh 
English Coordinator