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Preparing 1st grade with VFIS

In today's developed society, accompanying children on the learning journey seems to become more challenging for parents, especially parents whose children are about to enter 1st grade. Together with parents before sending their children to Grade 1, Vietnam-Finland International School (VFIS) recently organised the workshop "PREPARING FOR FIRST GRADE", presented by a Finnish Educational Expert, Lan Tuovi Wallen, Grade 1 teacher at Vietnam-Finland International School.


Participating in the workshop, parents are shared about the characteristics of pre-primary students. At this stage, children have many changes in thinking and acting. Children begin to consider problems from divergent perspectives and aspects... In order to solve those specific problems, which require parents to be more aware of the comprehensive growth of children, especially in diet, sleeping, hygiene, physical exercise and mental health development. In addition, study skills are also crucial for children to be truly ready for first grade.

The workshop has started with a lot of practical knowledge and has helped parents easily identify the psychological facets of 1st graders that they often encounter, thereby preparing a stable foundation for their children in the first school year is considered an indispensable part to help removing perplexity as giving assistance to students quickly adapt to the new environment and experience a truly happy educational environment, instead of the invisible pressures of going to class every day.


Parents and students also participated in some demonstrative classes at VFIS, to get the opportunity to understand more about the superior teaching methods according to the educational philosophy of Finland, the happy nation which is also known as the home to one of the most advanced educational institutions in the world.