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VFIS Story | Dear myself

Dear Myself, 

On the eve of 2022, I hope this letter can give you some motivation in the first days of the upcoming year. First, pour yourself a glass of water and get some fresh air. Do you feel more comfortable? So now relax and take some time to read this letter. 

After nearly nine years with the old school, we have left that place and transferred to a strange, new but equally interesting school. Don't worry if you are not really used to this new environment when you go to school, you will gradually find people with common interests with us. You may feel that your taste in music and movies doesn't match those of your classmates, but don't forget that you haven't met them in real life much, maybe you and them have unexpected similarities. 

Don't worry if you haven't been able to find a way to complete assignments quickly without waiting for the deadline to run the deadline, I find that our productivity when running the deadline seems to be more effective. Even so, I trust you will schedule it properly so as not to put yourself in the same turmoil as I was last month.

Moreover, I also think that you can take the trouble to read more books, instead of just reading manga and novels online. But every once in a while let yourself relax and read whatever type of story or book you want because I think reading these types of books is like stress relief.

Find a way to exercise at least 3 times a week, maybe you just walk or bike, but it will help you a lot later on. I also think that if the epidemic is still complicated, you should still find a way to leave the house to walk around to avoid feeling cramped and lonely. When it comes to health, I hope you will try to get up early so that you can cook or at least eat a nutritious breakfast. There is no need to get up too early, but at least get six to seven hours of sleep a day to give our bodies the strength to exercise. 

Not to mention the academic aspect, I did not have time to learn much about the future professions in detail to make the most accurate decision for the present. So I'll leave this to you. Of course, you don't have to decide exactly what industry we're going to study in the coming years, I don't think you're that assertive. At the same time, I think, in the future, the probability that we change careers is also quite high, so you should also learn a separate industry group so that later we will have a plan B or C in case of failure. After deciding on that group of majors, be active and try to become more active in learning the things that we wrote in the note. I know you will have a hard time completing the items on that sheet of paper, but you must hurry, as time is limited. You may be feeling a little dizzy at these lines, but you have to know, I believe in you, and I believe in our ability, so let's work hard to get it right and find a way to learn. before summer vacation.

I just want to tell you, we will be fine, don't be too scared about future changes, no matter what happens, you will always have me on your back. Straighten your back and be confident. Hopefully the upcoming 2022 will bring us much success, health and joy. Love, Friend of the year 2021 P/S: I really hope we can go to offline school soon….