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Study Geography at VFIS

In this globalized World we are living in, understanding Geography is necessary to understand the World. To follow the News, you need to understand the map to know where things are happening. You need to know the culture, the standard of living, and the political and social structures. You need knowledge of the natural resources and environmental conditions that also exist in that location. Along with these key topics, studying Geography also involves traditional natural geography, consisting of volcanic and tectonic activity, weather, and Earth as a planet in the Solar system. At VFIS, the Geography classroom is in our modern Science Unit which allows us to do experiments and projects. In all levels, studying Geography includes following world news, comparing different areas and analyzing different media sources. In addition to learning geographical facts, we learn presentation skills, critical thinking and interpretation and analysis of geographical data and geomedia.



Mr. Tuomo Jaakkonen | Science Coordinator, Biology and Geography Teacher

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Biology, University of Oulu, Finland