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Billionaire Peter Vesterbacka brought the inspirational entrepreneurship story to students of Vietnam - Finland International School

On the morning of February 24, Vietnam-Finland International School was honored to welcome Finnish billionaire Peter Vesterbacka - Co-founder of Angry Birds game, and the representatives of Finest organization to visit and have a meet and greet with students. Peter Vesterbacka is known as an expert in the field of Mobile Innovation. He is known as a motivator, having a big role in creating the globally famous Angry Birds franchise. In 2011, TIME Magazine selected Peter Vesterbacka as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Talking with VFIS students, Mr. Peter Vesterbacka had answered the concerns of the students about issues around entrepreneurship from the inspirational story of his careers. Peter Vesterbacka emphasized: "It is very important for the students to do what they love, they should not hesitate to try new things. Do not be afraid to reach out to the outside world and create big things."

The useful sharing of Billionaire Peter Vesterbacka has helped VFIS students approach new creative thinking, arouse the spirit of entrepreneurship as well as equip them to obtain new knowledge, encourage students to be more active in building future-oriented plans right from school.

On this occasion, the Finest Future organization co-founded by Billionaire Peter Vesterbacka also brought a lot of useful information about the opportunity to study in Finnish universities for VFIS students.
Vietnam - Finland International School is a subordinate units of Ton Duc Thang University, which is currently teaching international and bilingual programs for students in grades 1-12.