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VFIS Talent | Tran Anh Khoa

🏃🏃🏃VFISer at BIDV Run - For a green life 2023

Congratulations Trần Anh Khoa from class 4A on finishing “BIDV Kids Run - For a green life 2023” in third place!

BIDV Run is an annual running race organized by BIDV since 2019. Under this event, BIDV employees, customers, and the public can join hands to raise awareness of public healthcare and contribute to the national sustainable development.

Following the success of the online charity running race, on April 9, 2023, BIDV launched the first ever offline running event “BIDV Run - For a green life 2023”. In total, 2,500 runners participated in this activity. The race also included a special sideline activity KIDS RUN program for young athletes, aged 7 to 15 years old. Anh Khoa of class 4A participated in this event and received a third place finish. An excellent achievement!

Hopefully, through this event, our VFISers will emulate Anh Khoa sporting’s achievement to build and maintain a green and healthy lifestyle.