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What should teachers teach students after the pandemic?
Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in every aspect, even education.
Students' sharing about VFIS teachers
Students' sharing about VFIS teachers
Students' sharing before the new school year
Students' sharing before the new school year
VFIS Discovery
We often hear from parents, “What are the skills, knowledge and attitudes my children will have after graduation from VFIS?
Study Chemistry at VFIS
At VFIS, the Chemistry Lab in the Science Unit is a modern, highly equipped space. It provides an opportunity to do a variety of laboratory experiments and projects.
When your classroom is a kitchen
Home economics is a multidisciplinary field that connects elements such as knowledge, skills, culture, systems and behaviours to enhance quality of life.
Studying visual arts at VFIS
The best job in the world
Thank you for your hard work today and every day! The job of a teacher requires patience and a lot of energy, but it is also one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. 
How we learn English at VFIS
Here at VFIS, our English teachers strive to create a challenging environment that prepares our students to succeed in English speaking classrooms around the world.
Speech on graduation day by VFIS Head of School
To be a pioneer means to move forward into territory that is new.
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