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Study Chemistry at VFIS

At VFIS, the aim of the chemistry curriculum is to support the development of the students’ scientific thinking and worldview. Furthermore, chemistry helps the students understand the significance of chemistry and its applications in daily life, the living environment, society, and technology. Students learn that chemistry has an important role in building a sustainable future: chemistry is needed in developing new technological solutions and securing the well-being of humans and the environment. Through chemistry, we can better understand the world around us.

At VFIS, the Chemistry Lab in the Science Unit is a modern, highly equipped space. It provides an opportunity to do a variety of laboratory experiments and projects. Experiments and projects are an important part of studying chemistry. At VFIS, the learning of chemistry is based on observation and examination of substances and phenomena connected to the students’ living environment. Conducting research is of essential importance for adopting concepts, learning research skills, and perceiving the quality of natural sciences. Conducting research develops working and teamwork skills, creative and critical thinking, as well as encouraging students to pursue a career in chemistry or the other natural sciences