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Halloween at VFIS


Step right into a world of enchantment and excitement at the VFIS Halloween Festival. 

The bewitching Halloween costume festival on October 31, 2023, filled VFIS teachers and students with a plethora of emotions and exhilarating moments. Witnessing VFIS students embrace their favorite characters, they fearlessly showcased their vibrant and imaginative costumes with utmost confidence. 

Halloween at VFIS serves as a platform to nurture the creative potential and artistic flair within each VFIS student, offering a diverse range of activities. From capturing spooky snapshots to transforming faces into mythical characters through face painting, students delve into the enigmatic world of the "Haunted House" brimming with thrilling challenge stations, leading them to hidden treasures. As a grand finale to the 2023 Halloween Festival, VFIS students gather together in the enchanting realm of classic Halloween movies, unveiling surprises at every turn.

These collective experiences contribute to an extraordinary Halloween Festival at VFIS, fostering the growth of students' vivid imagination and creativity, aligning with the essence of Finnish education.