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Meeting the Faculty of Education and The Teacher Training School of Tampere University, Finland

As part of the collaboration with high schools and universities in Finland, the Management Board of Vietnam-Finland International School (VIFIS) visited and worked with representatives of the Faculty of Education and the Teacher Training School of Tampere University, on March 12, 2019.

The Tampere University is one of the most interdisciplinary universities in Finland, in which the Faculty of Education is the most popular choice among the teacher education applicants. The faculty participates in building the idea of learning society in national and global scale, which provides pedagogical qualifications with the leading quality and expertise for lecturers and education experts. As a part of the Tampere University, the Teacher Training School is closely associated with the Faculty of Education in research to create high-quality teacher staffs as well as develop education in all aspects.

The visiting and working of VFIS with Tampere University aims to exchange and understand the demands of both parties about training bachelor and master education as well as creating more chances for Finnish pedagogical students to practice at VFIS.

At the meeting, Professor Le Vinh Danh, VFIS Executive Director introduced its functions, duties and mission as well as the development strategies of VFIS in the coming years. Thereby, he gave some contents suggesting that the Tampere University will research and consider selecting appropriate program.

Representative of the Teacher Training School, Professor Eero Topo, shared specifically about teacher training process and innovations in Finnish education. The Principal, Kirsi-Liisa Koskinen-Sinisalo, appreciates the values that VFIS is striving to spread to the community, at the same time proposing the school to study and implement cooperation to create opportunities for pedagogical students in the future.

The meeting took place successfully with the hope of setting a premise for the cooperation between VFIS and other Finnish universities in the future.

Some pictures at the meeting:

Mrs. Kirsi-Liisa Koskinen-Sinisalo, The Principal of Teacher Training School – Tampere University at the meeting.


Professor Eero Topo at the meeting




Tampere University (Source: Jonne Renvall)