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The "Growing up with the book" contest focuses on students' maturity through the reading process, the sustainable development of reading habits and reading skills in students, the spread of a passion for reading, and the reading culture in the school environment.

•    The contest is open to all students from Grade 1 to Grade 11
•    Students choose a book then make a creative product.
•    Students share the creative product for up to 5 minutes

Recommendations: In the process of reading, students generate ideas, think creatively, and work on creative products such as write a reading diary, draw pictures, design a reading promotion flyer; compose a poem, song, or short story to promote reading; writing perceptions about the book students have read that has an impact on themself, helping themself to have good changes (changing awareness, attitude, behavior; improving knowledge; practicing skills; suggest the creation, ...) or creation of a technical product (with the explanation of the product: the book has influenced students to make the product, the meaning of the product); ...

•    Students submit an entry via the email address: 
•    An entry includes pictures of the book that students chose, photos of the students’ creative product, and a video clip of the students’ creative product presentation.
•    Submission date: 21/10/2021 -> 30/11/2021
•    Language for entry: English or Vietnamese


•    Entries are individual creations of the students and have not been submitted or submitted for other contests. Any cases of using other people's content, excerpts, sayings, pictures, images, etc., must have full source citation in the submission.
•    The organizers have the right to use the entries for the purpose of promoting the contest and reading promotion activities.