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VFIS Story


Dear VFIS Community, 

We are closing the last days of 2021.  Looking back at the past 365 days, there must have been a lot of changes, leaving experiences as well as luggage for each person to be more confident for the ever-changing life ahead. The project "VFIS Story" is periodically implemented at the end of the year with the desire to recognize and spread positive life values through paintings, photos, and articles contributed by each member of the VFIS community. VFIS Story will be edited into a publication and stored at TDTU library, VFIS library as well as widely introduced to interested readers through VFIS’s communication channels.

Some suggested topics: 

  • Your positive changes in 2021 
  • Anniversary, memorable turning point in 2021 
  • Experience after a period of online teaching and learning with many challenges and ways to overcome difficulties of the epidemic -Wishes for 2022 
  • Letters to parents, teachers, students or even write to yourself on the eve of the new year 2022 
  • Life point of view, dreams, ambitions or anything through which the author wants to inspire positive emotions to people. 

How to submit works and shares? 

All works in the project, please submit here

Deadline: December 30, 2021

We hope to receive interesting and inspirational shares from parents, teachers and students. Together, we will spread positive messages to the community from our beloved Vietnam-Finland International School.