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100% VFIS Students have successfully achieved the IB Diploma

The school would like to share the good news with parents. 100% of VFIS's Class 12A International Program students have achieved the International Baccalaureate Diploma after the International Baccalaureate Examination was held in May, 2023. They are also the first VFIS students to accomplish this prestigious diploma. Especially, the School would like to congratulate 2 students of Class 12B who have achieved the Certificate of English B with flying colors. This success is not only the students' happiness and teachers’ pride after the journey of endless effort and hard work but also a role model for all students in general, and other students who are studying the International Program in particular. 

The School would like to send our best wishes to the students and we hope that with the preparation from VFIS, you will keep growing up with confidence and passion on the next chapter of your further development.