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Principles of Education


At VFIS, we are committed to our students’ well-being and development. We pursue an educational philosophy based on student-centeredness in which children are the focus of all school activities. Our main goal is to nurture, support and develop students’ abilities to learn, so that each individual student will find the best possible way to accomplish the joy of learning.


  • Student participation is maximised
  • Meaningful learning is important
  • Students set their own goals
  • Students are the ones who solve problems
  • Students assess their learning based on agreed upon criteria
  • Students are empowered to be successful learners in all areas of school life

To achieve these goals, VFIS relies on a variety of methods characteristic of Finnish education, whose success and effectiveness in student learning outcomes has been proven by many international studies. Our educational philosophy lies at the heart of everything we do here at VFIS.

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